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Cartoon Network pulls the plug on "Green Lantern: TAS" and "Young Justice"

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5:47 pm
February 2, 2013


North Shore of MA


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To the surprise of no one (especially after they put both shows on "hiatus"), CN announced their lineup for 2013, and neither GL:TAS or YJ were included. In their place the so called DC Nation will now include "Teen Titans GO!" premiering in April, and the already controversial  "Beware The Batman" set to premiere in the summer.

I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I was actually enjoying Green Lantern. I didn't go in with high hopes, probably because of the CG aspect, but it actually grew on me, and the new episodes since it came back from "vacation" have been excellent: great character development, and a great story arc. This is the one I'll really miss.

Young Justice was starting to grow on me too. I wasn't a huge fan of season one, but this season's arc involving The Reach was starting to pick up steam.

It seems DC and/or Cartoon Network is suffering the same brain freeze as Disney XD and Marvel: they can't or won't commit to an animated series for longer than 1-2 seasons (unless it's Batman or Spider-man). It's a shame too, because they just don't give any series a chance to develop a following and loyal viewers. Jerking around the schedules doesn't help either.

There are on-line petitions to try and save both shows if anyone really believes that stuff helps anymore. Links are below if you're so inclined:



8:21 pm
February 2, 2013


Almont, MI


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Man, that sucks. My son and I really enjoyed Green Lantern and to a lesser degree, Young Justice. Of course, we also liked the new Thundercats and that was canned a while ago. You're right Cable, the networks just don't have the patience to commit to and develop shows anymore.

10:20 pm
February 2, 2013


I've forgotten…


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Thanks Cable,

You've been warned.

11:26 pm
February 2, 2013


CA Central Valley


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Post edited 6:21 am – February 3, 2013 by puckace

My girls and I enjoyed watching Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice.  The new Thundercats was really very good as well.  I guess Cartoon Network just doesn't want us as viewers.  When Star Wars the Clone Wars leaves for Disney XD, there will be no shows left that we care about.  Another useless channel to flip past on cable…

Of course we also liked the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD and that got the hook as well.


A picture is worth a thousand words.  But being there is worth a thousand pictures!   puckace

12:56 am
February 3, 2013

Sliding Lock Man in PA

South Central PA


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This is really sad.  I heard this on Newsarama the other day, and it doesn't surprise me, unfortunately.  Cartoon Network has finally perfected their methods on killing shows.  They started with Justice League, moving it around, pulling it at the last second, and so forth.  With Green Lantern and YJ they managed to do all that, plus not advertise much, have little marketing, and virtually no tie-ins. They had their fast-food toys when the show wasn't on the air, and pulled the plug on the new season after only two episodes, then kept the shows off for ten weeks — certainly long enough to lose the average kid's interest.  And after ten weeks they pick up again with no recap (although to be fair, they did advertise the return of DC Nation a fair bit) and therefore no incentive to add new viewers.

It's too bad. They're GOOD. GL is full of Easter eggs for the long-time fans, and is funny and accessible and well-written for just about all ages.  GL had the potential to redeem the character from the dud movie, too — it's at least as good as Clone Wars, and has the potential to be a gold mine for toys — 3600 alien Lanterns? Wow. And Young Justice had enough deep plot for the older viewers and enough action for the kiddies.  It's a damned shame.

I guess the US will never get what Japan already knows — that it is possible to have quality entertainment that happens to be animated.  The closest we get is Family Guy and American Dad and The Simpsons — good stuff, cartoony fun, and all that.  But where's the US "Ghost in the Shell?"  Or "Neon Genesis EVAngelion?" 

"Everyone's always in favor of saving Hitler's brain.  But when you put it in the body of a great white shark, oooh! Suddenly you've gone too far!" — Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth

4:12 am
February 9, 2013

Cyber Bishop

New Orleans


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My wife and I were enjoying both shows and were saddened when we heard of their cancellation..

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