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Will there be a Star Wars line in 2013?

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5:03 pm
January 6, 2013


Tampa, FL


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I just heard the B.A.D. line planned for 2013 got scrapped.  Is that true?  Without that, is there even a line of figures anymore?  Vintage had ended and Movie Heroes was terminated.  2013 might be a light year for me, depending on what comic figures get made.

10:59 pm
January 6, 2013


CA Central Valley


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I read that as well, but it was only at Target as far as the information knew.  I'm thinking that Toy Fair will give a clearer picture on what to expect this year.  I'm of the opinion that retail action figures will continue to be cheaply made for a higher price point and/or they will just continue to shrink as much of a presence on the toy aisles.

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5:09 pm
January 7, 2013


Tampa, FL


posts 1476


I found this:

"The following is an official statement on the 2013 Star Wars toy line from the Hasbro Star Wars team.

Star Wars fans,

The Droid Factory line which was slated for spring 2013 has been cancelled. We were very excited about this line at its inception and wanted to give fans an early sneak peek when we unveiled it at Star Wars Celebration this past summer. Unfortunately since then, through the course of development, we realized that the price would have to be increased and we felt that the value we were adding with the droid parts was no longer substantiated.

As a result, we have decided to rework our 3.75” figure program to create a line that is on-par with the quality and pricing of the Vintage Collection. Many of the figures intended for the Droid Factory will become available in this new line in the fall. We’ll be able to share more news on this at Toy Fair.

We also recognize that there were many hard-to-find Vintage Collection figures in 2012. So, as we shared last December, we will re-release many of these figures this spring before the Vintage Collection goes on hiatus, making way for some of the most exciting new initiatives for SW collectors in years.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm."


Seriously?  Increase the price for a droid part? 

6:57 pm
January 7, 2013


I've forgotten…


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In other words, Hasbro has taken a bath on the line due to our inept over production of some figures and under production of others that actually might in demand.
We could not care about our toy fans; just their money. So send some to.us now and we'll send you something when we get around to it.
Meanwhile, enjoy those tiny POD Figures.

You've been warned.

7:09 pm
January 7, 2013


North Shore of MA


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I'm wondering just how much influence Disney had in this decision. As stated elsewhere, Disney is doing their own exclusives, only available at the parks. Also, let's face it: Hasbro has basically killed the goose that laid the golden egg with SW figures, either by too many versions of the same figure, lousy distribution, etc. (Your complaint here).

Disney may have made the decision to put the brand on hold until the upcoming movies. Makes sense from a business standpoint: drives up demand, and creates a buzz for new figures. Remember the frenzy for Episode 1 figures?

8:56 am
January 19, 2013

Randy of AFTimes

The Land of MA


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Post edited 9:03 am – January 19, 2013 by Randy of AFTimes

Sorry to be the broken record, but Toy Fair will, IMO, be the first sign if Disney is influencing anything.  If not then, perhaps SDCC.

I still marvel at the EP1 figures that came out Spring 2012 and took SOOOOOO long to go away. Have none of them at Hasbro have memory of what happened in 2000 with all the left-overs?

Guess not.
Of course, that led to me not getting things like the Royal Guard and Shae Vizla.

Its sad to see that Hasbro has been reverting back to the company of the late 90's, seemingly monolithic and intractable.

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