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Editor Umpire/ Glenn Harman

Known to the world as Editor Umpire has been a member of Action Figure Times for the past decade.
It doesn’t seem that long ago I was posting customizing tips and taking photos at my first San Diego Comic Con! Now, I’m the Editor in Chief of one of the greatest and oldest websites dedicated to reporting on action figures, collectible toys. statues and gaming miniatures.
I am always pleased to answer questions form our fine readers.

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Toygodd/ Eric Frank

A consummate collector of the vinyl genre for over 10 years. Ahead of his time in seeing the trends that will become huge. NO one can stand with me!
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Doc Owen / League of Extraordinary Toymen

Hunting down news, doing reviews and previews about anyone who has powers or will power far beyond that of mortal men… The superhero and superheroine! And any of their supporting characters.

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Randy of Ask Randy/Andrew Gaughen:

Utilizing a frighteningly extensive memory of toys of the past along with almost two decades of experience in the toy industry, Randy answers readers question about action figures & toys present, future and the past!
Along with toys, Randy also talks about, comments and reviews many related topics in pop culture, plus whatever minor digression takes hold of his addled mind!  Randy has been writing for AFTimes since 1994, as well as having his work posted on BloodyDisgusting.com, IMDb, and Ain’t It Cool News.

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Prize Monkey

The beloved prize giving  Chimp from Action Figure Times.  Contests, promotional giveaways and the venerable Toy Lotto Monthly Contest are all his domain.

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Steven Allsopp / SithLord229 /Jedi Council

The newest member of the AFT family, his origins area mystery to most.  Known the world over as SithLord229, his videos of all things Star Wars have enchanted his viewers for years.

Can be reached at

Genesis Moss / Sektor Seven G Channel Reviews:

I am Genesis Moss. I am 31 years old and have been a serious toy collector since I was 15 years old. I started with Star Wars toys like many other serious collectors. After a while of collecting everything on the shelf impulsively I had to thin out my collection. I ended up taking a lot of the MIB stuff to toys for tots one year. Needless to say the people accepting the toys were very shocked and the amount of toys I brought. I then started to focus on 2 main toy lines. MOTUC and Transformers…. due to Michael Bay I gave up on Transformers and then went to one of my first loves as a child and that is TMNT! With the new cartoon and toy line I have had a blast collecting the new toys and the new TMNT Classics line as well! With all these great classics lines you knew Hasbro would have to jump in with Star Wars with the SW Black series. Now I am addicted to them as well. So those are the toys I collect. I have been doing toy reviews for 2 years now with my 50th review coming up shortly! So I hope you all like my reviews and I hope to hear from you toy fans soon!
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Mandy / AKA Realistikk

: Reviews of action figures, statues,cosplay, comics, animation you name it.
Mandy will cover it. Welcome our newest member of the AFT team!
You can reach Realistikk at

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