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Randy here!

If you’ve been anywhere online or read the news, Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman has become a huge hit, doing far better than expected box office in the US with more than $100m, smashing international records for opening weekends, including Thor-The Dark World, Iron Man, and Green Lantern’s ENTIRE world wide box-office total! And it’s also been the best reviewed of the DCEU movies to-date (you can read my review here-

That also means that plenty of people are looking for Wonder Woman action figures, whether for themselves, wives, sisters, children, etc. Likely, they’re having some problem just walking into a store and just picking something up.

This is NOT because no WONDER WOMAN toys have been made!

It’s because they are popular… and be in stores for over a month now!

YES, Mattel seemed to hold out longer than most companies do, putting toys in stores three months or so before release. But as of early May, I found end & sidecaps of WW toys in Target, WalMart, and Toys R Us here in Massachusetts.

So here’s a quick list of what’s out there and some places online to look.

The Wonder Woman 6 inch figures are under Mattel’s DC Multiverse line. At SRP of $19.99, there are four in the series:

*Princess Diana

*Wonder Woman – Cloak


*Steve Trevor

Right now, Hippolyta seems to be the hardest to find in stores.

Each figure comes with a piece to build a fifth figure: Ares!

There are also two exclusive 6” figures:

*Menalippe (Amazon/Toys R Us Exclusive)

The TRU Wonder Woman is different from the WW Robed figure, having a new headsculpt and including the Lasso of Truth, something that I haven’t see on any of the other figures.

I expect this will become THE figure to find.

There’s also a Mattel 12” Wonder Woman figure that looks great, including add one bullet deflections that can be added onto her bracers. That figure has been VERY tempting for me, SRP $29.99.

I should also “warn” those looking for WW figures for the first time, there are a couple of Mattel figures of Diana made for Batman Vs. Superman, a 6 inch and 12” inch. They are… lesser than some of the more recent ones. 

There are also 12 in. Wonder Woman dolls with action features put out from Mattel as well. These include Bow Wielding WW, Battle Ready WW, Shield Block WW, and Diana Prince with hidden sword, at $19.99 SRP each. There are deluxe sets as well of WW on a horse and Hippolyta on horse( $29.99 SRP each).

Being as this license is Mattel, there are also 11” Barbie figures. With an SRP of $49.99, these currently include:
-Wonder Woman Black Robe

On Mattel’s site, there’s also a 3-pack of the above figures for a lesser prices and a “Paradise Island” giftset of Diana and Steve Trevor for $124.99 SRP.

This is my no mean an all-inclusive list, but more of setting you in the right direction, esp. for the Mattel toys.

If you can’t find these in stores or want to see what all is out there, like role-playing gear & costuming, check out these websites; I’ve added the search term for Wonder Woman already:





I hope this helps those hunting for their prize.

If have any questions, find me on twitter @randyofaftimes or

All this research, I’m thinking about going to see it again!

Be seeing you


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