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Alan Moore.

The legendary Alan Moore revealed to The Guardian that he is more or less retiring from the world of comic books, during a press conference promoting his latest novel, Jerusalem.

Moore said he had “about 250 pages of comics left in me”.

Sad news for comic fans, as Moore is undoubtedly one of the most interesting storytellers of our time. The depth of Moore’s influence can be felt not only in the world of comic books, but superhero movies and pop culture. His most famous works include Watchmen, From Hell and V for Vendetta, making him also (unwittingly) the man responsible for those creepy Guy Fawkes masks that conceal the faces of protesters and computer hackers all around the world.

Moore said “I think I have done enough for comics. I’ve done all that I can. I think if I were to continue to work in comics, inevitably the ideas would suffer, inevitably you’d start to see me retread old ground and I think both you and I probably deserve something better than that.”

Moore has been in the industry for more than thirty years, and is at least partially responsible for making superheroes “cool,” as his work on Batman (Batman: The Killing Joke) and Superman (Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?), modernized these two old-fashioned and rather corny characters. He reshaped our idea of what could be done with these cultural icons, proving that they weren’t just limited to outlandish adventures, but could appear in poignant, adult narratives and still retain their appeal.

In Watchman, Moore explored the mental state of a group of costumed vigilantes, questioning the effectiveness of their crime-fighting techniques and introducing moral complexity to the colorful world of caped crime-fighters. It remains, in my opinion, the greatest superhero story ever told. But please, don’t bother watching the movie. It’s truly awful.

Moore added “So, the things that interest me at the moment are the things I don’t know if I can do, like films, where I haven’t got a clue what I am doing, or giant literary novels.”


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