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We wish to take a moment and remember the devastating morning that we woke to visions of two iconic towers in New York being

struck by passenger airliners and set afire. We send our prayers to the innocent victims, the police and fire fighters who bravely, in the face

of imminent peril, fought to save as many survivors as they could. Until the towers fell. Likewise, the members of the armed services in the

Pentagon, coming to aid of their brothers and sisters in uniform and out after a third aircraft hit that building and set it on fire. And also to the passengers and

crew of United flight 93 who gallantly chose to fight the hijackers on their plane and decided to crash the plane if necessary so that the terrorist’s plan would not

succeed. This is where Todd Beamer said “Let’s roll” as the passengers stormed the cockpit. The plane crashing in a field in Stonybook Township in Pennsylvania.

We also must remember all of the families, friends, loved ones that were left alone in an instant.

We must remain strong and united as a country and people if we are to survive all the horrors that could come our way. Most of all, we should cherish those in our lives and strive to

reach out to strangers so that one day they can be counted as some of our greatest friends.

Peace to all.

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