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Coming from Jupiter Creations is “B buddieez”, wearable collectibles that the younger set would enjoy collecting and
wearing. With a number of characters, and the ability to adorn backpacks, shoes and other articles of clothing, this could
be the starting point of a collector craze!

- Pretend play with the characters and their adorable storage houses that double as playsets.

- Collect and trade the characters with friends. They even come with their very own trading cards that feature a picture of the character and their catchphrase!

- Wear them on the included bracelet or on anything else: backpacks, shoelaces, pencils, hair…the only limit is your imagination.

- Play marble-style games with them using the included wristbands as targets and goals.

The theme of the first series is “Around the World” and features 26 bright, multicultural characters that kids are sure to love. More characters are already in development for the future!

Initially they will be available at specialty toy stores, Kmart and Target but we are taking new orders every day. Coming this Fall.

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