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Randy here.

If you’ve read me over the years, you know how much of a fan I am of John Carpenter’s The Thing. Now hailed (rightfully) as a classic movie, it has had very little done in the way of licensed merchandise. McFarlane Toys did Norris Creature & Spider and Blair Monster figures in 2000. SOTA Toys did MacReady figure & Norris Spider Head statue in 2006. And that’s about it…

…which leads me to a couple of weeks ago… and this weekend.

Back during WonderCon, the following images showed up on Instagram.

#thething #rjmacready #onesixthscale #collectibletoys #popcultureshockcollectibles #pcscollectibles #wondercon

A photo posted by PopCultureShock (@pcstoys) on

and this…

#thething #spiderhead #onesixthscale #collectibletoys #popcultureshockcollectibles #pcscollectibles #wondercon

A photo posted by PopCultureShock (@pcstoys) on

Yes, that would be a 1/6 scale version of R.J. MacReady and the Spider Norris Head!
Not customs, but prototypes displayed at Pop Culture Shock’s booth!

Needless to say I was intrigued-and DAMN EXCITED! I’ve been trying to do a custom figure of MacReady for YEARS now. But the opportunity to have one released is almost too much to hope for release!

So I’ve been trying to piece together what’s happening with this figure.
And as I was getting ready to write up what I’d been able to dig up, THIS image was posted today!

This was on display at PCS at Monstepalooza in Burbank, CA, and give a much better look at the full figure and the scale with the Norris Spider Head.

But I wanted more! Yet I was stymied by living 3000 miles away, I lucked out!
Toygodd to the rescue!
He was able to snap a few shots for me as well!

So just what is going on?!

Officially, there has been nothing from Pop Culture Shock Toys has been announced.

But here’s what I believe will be is going on with it:

  • The figure is still being finalized.

      • The headsculpt is still seeing revisions.

      • The Norris Spider Head will come will likely come with the figure, though standard retail or limited edition is unknown.

      • The set will run about the price of a Hot Toys 1/6 licensed figure.

      • The set will probably be available in early 2017.

      • The sombrero for  MacReady in some way is still in discussion. (YES!)

Naturally, this is still in the realm of the unconfirmed, though when asked about it, PCS boss Jerry Macaluso gave me a very strong, “No Comment” on everything.

So we’ll all have to wait and see.

As a side piece, I hadn’t noticed this picture of Jack and David from An American Werewolf in London in 1/6 in-progress!

Another excellent looking piece! And it gives hope that one would NEED the have a werewolf to go with the Americans!

Certainly appears that Pop Culture Shock Toys is getting into the 1/6 scale business!
And I, for one, couldn’t be happier!

Be seeing you!

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