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Randy here!

HappyAlien Day! Dated April 26 for the planet LV-426 of ALIEN & ALIENS, this grassroots campaign took hold in a big way this year, using #alienday426. Tuesday 4/26 was a lot of fun annd I’m pretty damn happy about it.

There were many participants announced in the original press release.  Fox Interactive ran a trivia contest on Twitter with a new question posted all day, ever 42.6 minutes! I hope I won some of them.

Diamond Select revealed some new images of their movie based Minimates including “…the Alien (1979)-centric Series 3 coming to comic shops and specialty stores, this series incudes Kane in his space suit with eggs and a translucent “phantom” Xenomorph from Alien, Lt. Gorman in his dress uniform with an attacking Alien Warrior from Aliens, and a two-pack of red and black Hiveworld Alien.

They also premiered as a fun stop-motion video of their figures, recreating a scene from ALIENS:

Sadly, not all of the events worked out as well for some companies, with Reebok dropping the alien egg.  A popular and hard-to-get item, released 30 yeas ago, was the “Bug Stomper” sneakers featured in the movie.

Reebok somehow thought that offering only 1,986 pairs of the lo-tops “Bug Stompers” (worn by Bishop in the film) & 426 pairs of the hi-tops (worn by Ripley, pictured above) WORLDWIDE (apparently only 36 were available for the entire US!) was a good idea. It was not, angering many fans around the world. And to add even more of a disconnect between company and their paying customers, making the sneakers available ONLY in Men’s sizes! You know, for arguably one of the most iconic FEMALE character in action films, what women would want a pair for themselves?! Reebok came out looking the loser of Alien Day.

NECA, on the other hand, likely “won” Alien Day.

Previous to Alien Day, NECA had announced that they would be releasing a “Kenner” Ripley figure through Toys R Us, Hastings, and other online sites.  These were available on the day in some stores and online. But many surprises and reveals came out on the Tuesday proper.  Carrie Henn, whose only acting role was in ALIENS, started dropping pictures throughout the day, until the full reveal: Yep-the only survivor of “Hadley’s Hope” on LV-426, Rebecca “Newt” Jorden is getting her own action figure! Accessories include flashlight, doll head, 2nd-grade Citizenship award, and Hick’s helmet, which is a separate piece that can be placed on her head. This figure will be an exclusive to the 2016 San Diego Comic Con. But don’t panic!

NECA will provide those people unable to make it to the convention (most likely, like myself) an opportunity for us so that you can get one. This is not their first time with making exclusives available to their fans! All will be revealed…

Speaking of reveals, as Alien Day wound down and Wednesday began, the first image of another ALIENS figure showed up, courtesy of  actress Jenette Goldstein, leading to the reveal of the 1st figure in NECA’S ALIEN Series 9- Pvt Jenette Vasquez!

YES! This is a figure that fans have been hoping NECA would do since they announced the line!

Quick Lesson in Licensing:  One of the issues in getting many figures made from movies is that, in the 70′s & 80′s, especially for an R-rated film, the addition of likeness rights were not in most actors contracts.  So the company has to be able to get in touch with EACH actor & their reps and make deal for the image to be used for  figure. This also involves money to be paid to the actor… after the company has already paid for the license from the owner of the film! So  you can see, that’s a bit of extra money that a toy company has to invest in an already tough market.

It has taken a few years, but they have managed to get several licensed likenesses, including actress Sigourney Weaver the previous year to get Ripley. Now we get Vasquez!  According to NECA, “her Marine gear is completely faithful to the movie, from the hand-painted mottos to the detailed headgear and shoulder lamp. Vasquez has over 30 points of articulation and comes with a smartgun with fully articulated harness, plus a blast effect that attaches to the muzzle.

She looks like she’s ready to rock!

Thursday was the reveal of ANOTHER Colonial Marine as well.  I had my guess and was pleasantly surprised to see images revealed by way of actor Ricco Ross. Leading to the 2nd figure from Series 9-Pvt. Ricco “Frosty” Frost.

ALIENS Trivia: With the exception of Cpl. Dwayne Hicks  & Lt. Gorman, all of the Colonial Marines first names are the actors actual first names!

From NECA, “his detailed body armor features the same personalized touches as in the movie, and he’s packed with accessories: removable helmet, ammo bag, M240 Flamethrower, and pistol that fits in a functioning holster. Pvt. Frost has over 25 points of articulation.”

I’m stoked to have another Marine, especially nice as he comes with the VP-70 pistol for the first time. That make me hope that won’t be the first & last figure to come armed with it.  It would go with Gorman, Spunkmeyer, Ferro, Apone… I’ll keep hoping.

So I was two for 3 on my wish list, as I’d thought we might see a Ripley in leather jacket from earlier in the film. Sadly, not the case. But Friday, NECA revealed the 3rd figure in Series 9: Albino Drone Alien.

What in blazes?!

Let NECA explain:  “The Albino Alien is our first concept figure from the 1986 movie. It was inspired by the original James Cameron screenplay, which describes an albino version of the Xenomorph that has an excreting probe in place of the usual second inner mouth. The Albino Alien has over 30 points of articulation and features a bendable mouth probe and a frightening new color scheme.”

Ewww! Figure will be around 9 inches tall, to creepily loom over the Marines.

So Alien Day turns into almost a week for NECA reveals!  Series 9 is due in August/Sept. 2016.  And here’s the full lineup.
After I finish writing this, think I’m gonna have to see about pre-ordering these!

Happy Alien Day!

Be seeing you!

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