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Randy here!

I conclude my Toy Fair coverage with a side trip in the Hasbro showroom to all things Nerf!

Nerf has been a near & dear part of me, ever since finding that first Nerf Bow & Arrow back in 1990. I’ve been fascinated to see how the line has developed since then, embracing new tech and old ideas, with mixed results. But certainly, I would’ve killed to have these blasters “back in the day”!

I was happily surprised to find the Rebelle line around the corner from the Star Wars displays. One of the things I’ve appreciated about the line is that they’ve focused on making unique blaster specifically for the Rebelle line, rather than just repainting/reshelling of old Nerf blasters. The Hammershot Blaster, for example, is a reshelled version of the Rebelle Sweet Revenge. Though since its initial release, there are a couple of blaster that have been added to the line.

But one of the newest ones of Rebelle that stood out was the Platinum bow. I’m glad they had a spokesperson there to show you just how huge this blaster is! The arrows show are pretty much the size of actual arrows-24 inches long. I also like the Rebelle Cornershot blaster, continuing Nerf’s approach to adapting real world weapons tech into their blaster. Instead of a video camera, side mirrors allow you see around corners and then fire!

With word give that the Hasbro showroom was about to close, I was graciously allowed to go grab some photos the Nerf showroom, pushing the time as much as I could. Between time and a empty almost empty camera battery, I tried to shoot as much as I could, even bring my phone in to play!

The Doomsland line continues with the DoubleDealer, having horizontal paired magazines for extra fire power of firing two darts at once. The Zombie Strike Brainsaw looks like so much fun as both a blaster and melee weapon. The Elite Hyper-Fire comes across as pretty, but seems a little overly complex for a full-auto blaster. The Mega Mastodon is an intimidating piece of firepower, one of which I think I need to own.

But I was really digging the Modulus Tri-Force! I was happy to see the Modulus line debut in 2015, allowing more singular customization pieces for Nerf blasters. The new ones for 2016 look great-including “a tactical light, targeting beam, and two-shot rail mount grip”. The Tri-Force really makes use of the Modulus concept, breaking down into several blasters. The full form shoots the standard Elite foam rounds as a bolt-action, the front has a single pump for Mega Rounds, and the top launcher for Nerf Missiles. But the rear stock & missile launcher can be put together as a separate functioning launcher! The front barrel with the Mega launcher can be removed and added to other applicable Nerf blasters.

The Tri-Force is a MUST HAVE for me.

So-any interest in me covering Nerf here at AFTimes, along with action figures?  Let me know!

Thanks for reading my (albeit limited) American International Toy Fair 2016 coverage!

Be seeing you!

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