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NECA is in my sweet spot for collecting right now, hitting all the things I love. Whether it’s ALIENS, The Terminator & Terminator 2,  or Commando, I tend  to make it a priority to get their toys. So they were one of the first stops at Javitts.

The Cinemachines line did NOT disappoint in person! Ever since the line was revealed, I’ve been happy to see what has been made but what is coming. The old Galoob Action Fleet ALIENS Drop Ship and APC have been the choice pieces of my collection.  But these look like they’ll be usurped by the Cinemachiens. While they first series of vehicles are from ALIEN and ALIENS, there are more to come, including the HK Tank and Flying HK from Terminator 2 (YES!) and the Predator ship from Predator. Both Randy Falk and I agreed on at least one science fiction movie vehicle that MUST be in the line, but we’ll see if licensing it comes through…

The “Kenner” Predators looked smashing in person, with a couple of them must-haves for me (and my brother Crowmaniac!). As Series 7 hits stores now, the ALIEN line continues with Series 8 figures from ALIEN 3, including never-before-done bald Ripley and Weyland-Yutani Commandos, as well as the Alien itself! The detail is phenomenal (as usual), and though not my favorite film, I’m thinking that the Ripley (whose arms and jacket can be removed for her look at the end of the movie) and the W-Y Commando might have to be mine. Series 9 will be ALIENS inspired, as this summer is the 30th anniversary of the classic film (GAH-I am old)! But no word on the lineup… YET!
Randy pointed out that the Stasis tubes with facehugger (which will light up), Queen facehugger, chestburster in the display will be put together into some kind of accessory package, perhaps similar to the Alien eggs that came out in 2015. Stay tuned!

After doing plastic justice to him in Army of Darkenss and Evil Dead II figures, The Chin returns to NECA!
We get our first look at the line up of the smash tv series “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” figures. Naturally, the hero himself, Ash Williams leads the way, along with the demon Eligos.  Here’s hoping this does well so we can get figures of Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby!

Among some more surprises wast the VG Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Ultimate T-800 from The Terminator, 1/4 scale Arkham Harley Quinn and TMNT Donatello! Randy was quite tight-lipped about what would come from the TMNT in the future, but he seemed VERY sure that there would BE a future-a very wide one!

More Toy Fair coverage to come!

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