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Randy here.

Mezco Toyz has always been a favorite, back when I saw them in their first incarnation at Toyr Fair, showing off Living Dead Dolls first series. The gang at Mezco have continued to produce great work and, unlike many competitors, a still around to do it!

The release of Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective’s first series from  ”The Dark Knight Returns”  and Judge Dredd was a smash sell-out in 2015! (When I asked about trying to get a hold of a DKR figure-ANY of them-now, they looked on with pity in their eyes.) And while they hope to return to it (at least one unreleased figure is sculpted and ready to go), One:12 Collective line has a LOT to come out this year. The line has the licences for “Star Trek-The Original Series”, Space Ghost, DC Comics AND Marvel Comics, and, one of the “big guns” of 2016, Batman Vs. Superman-Dawn of Justice. After doing the Lawmaster for Judge Dredd, Mezco’s next vehicle in the One:12 Collective line will be a BIG one: BvS Batmobile! (Sadly, I missed it during my whirlwind tour of Toy Fair)
And just announced this wek, a ST-TOS Captain’s Chair will be coming in the near future!

The Living Dead dolls continue forward into 2016, with the addition of Sam from Trick ‘r Treat and Hellraiser III Pinhead! My statement back when I saw LDD Series 1 the first time still holds true:  ”Those are so wonderfully WRONG!”

Mezco Toyz is hitting the ground running in 2016!

More to come!

Be Seeing You!

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