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Even with my last-minute attendance to Toy Fair, I made sure to get onto the list for Hasbro’s press tour. There are plenty of things that they do that I like and want to cover… so much so that my coverage will be broken up over a couple of posts.

First up, Marvel Legends!

Since its initial release by Toy Biz in 2002 (I was at that Toy Fair!), the Marvel Legends line has continued to be the gold standard of super hero action figures.  Staring this year, Hasbro is using the Marvel Legends brand across the entire line, no matter scale or item.

The Captain America line was announced with three waves (so far). Wave 1:  Captain America,  Iron Man, and Black Panther, all CW based. Wave 2: Nick Fury (w/two interchangeable heads), Red Guardian, and Nuke (YES!). Wave 3: Secret War Cap, Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch, and ? No BAF was announced officially by Hasbro, saying that it would be revealed at SDCC in July, but it was leaked beforehand as SPOILER Civil War Movie Giant Man END SPOILER.

We got our first look at the movie Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch figure… unfortunately, I can’t show it to you. The lineup will include Iron First, Nico (from “The Runaways”), and movie DS.  The BAF will be Dormammu, redecoed from last year’s SDCC exclusive set.

For the X-Men, Hasbro seems to be going back to the 90′s! The lineup includes Deadpool, Cable, Rogure, Iceman, Havok, Kitty Pryde w/Lockheed, and Phoenix. The BAF is not to be announced until SDCC in July.

Spider-Man gets some fan favorites into the lineup with Ultimate Spider-Man/Peter Parker (with a new “boy body buck”), Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, Hobgoblin, and Silk.

As for 6″ figure exclusives, well, there are a few of them coming!

Walmart Exclusive
ML Civil War Winter Soldier
ML Civil War Falcon

ML Civil War War Machine Mark III and Iron Man Mark 27 two-pack

Toys R’ Us
ML Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Sam Wilson Captain America, and Uncanny Avengers Vision

ML Namor
ML Jim Lee Punisher

Hasbro will be re-introducing the 12″ figures to the Marvel Legends line, with the figures will featurer30+ points of articulation. The first line will be Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Featured for the first time were high-end role-play items for the older cosplayer. The first two featured were Cap’s Shield and Iron Man’s helmet. The shield featured faux-leather straps and a 24″ diameter. The IM helmet has light-up eyes, sound FX, and the face plate can be removed.  These are already available for pre-sale on Amazon for $99.99. While there, we were all asked for suggestion for future items, should the line continue. Suggestions such as a War Machine & damaged IM helmet, and Thor’s hammer Mjölnir were brought forth. At the end, I suggested..

“How about Black Widow’s Wrist Stingers?
You know, from the Avengers?
For the other half or more of the cosplayers out there?”

“That’s a good idea” was what I got.

I tried to do what I can. Here’s hoping the line takes off and we get it sooner rather than later.

I’m also hoping that since the showroom featured a group shot from Captain America-Civil War, that we will see Agent 13 show up as a figure in the future, as prominently place as she was!

More to come!

Be seeing you!


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