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Hasbro coverage continues with Star Wars, with the focus on the 6″ Black series figures. I admit to having gotten more interested in the line as more figures have come available. The strategy of mixing in figures from the Original Trilogy, some Prequel and The Force Awakens, widens even more 2016 with figures from “Rebels” and video games.

Sadly, most of what was announced was known previously, though Toy Fair was the first reveal of the finished figures of AT-AT Driver and  fan choice Revan from the “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” video game  Along with that, absolutely NO information nor imagery from Star Wars: Rebel One, with the exception that there will be an San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure. It feels like they are holding off the big reveals til Star Wars Celebration and SDCC.

In person, I was quite impressed with the Jango Fett, Ashoka, Sabine, and Snowtrooper figures. They are high on the list of must get for this year. While there, several of the figures were turned around by the staff, so I thought theses might be some interesting images to add.

While there, I spoke with one of the Star Wars brand managers about the state of exclusives and vehicles. Naturally, he didn’t want to speak out of turn, saying that there were plans for exclusives. As for vehicles, the TFA TIE Fighter is really a stunning and surprising release, but I was interested in something a little smaller. I was a huge fan of the Speeder Bike & Biker Scout and hoped we’d see more along those lines. “Were looking at all options, but what would you like to see?” I suggested a Snow Speeder would fit along the lines of the figures about to come out, give a chance to get another crack at the Luke in pilot outfit and maybe and included Dak. I also suggested a Landspeeder would be a nice addition to the Luke Tatooine coming out, as well as giving people another shot at R2-D2 if they packed it in.  I don’t know if these will happen, but you won’t get semething if you don’t ask!

More to come!

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