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While at Diamond Select, I also had the opportunity to go through DC Direct’s showroom (thanks again, Zack & Chuck!). Unsurprisingly, there was a great deal of product from Batman v. Superman-Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. But it was great to see the television side of things represented with more Arrow, The Flash, and newcomer Supergirl. Honestly, the difference between the movie & tv statues and the actions figures for likeness were damn well equal! I hope this continues into the final products.

The Batman Animated figures continue forward, with a great many characters coming up. I love the Milleresque “Dark Knight Returns” figures from “Legends of the Dark Knight”! After the impressive Batmobile, DC Direct swings for the bleachers with the Batwing!  Photos don’t do justice to just how big that beast is!
Might have to get my hands on the Talis and Ra’s Al Ghul, maybe Zatanna, too. Apparently I’m getting back on the same path I did with the original Mattle JL Animated figures! Here’s hoping I’ll finally get my hands on a Grey Ghost figure in the near future!

More to come!

Be seeing you!

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