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Spawn Goes Medieval as Epic 17-Inch Tall Statue


Rising from the depths of Hell after making a deal with Satan, the Medieval Spawn Resin Statue from McFarlane Toys is here to redeem himself in your collection.

Created by Neil Gaiman, Medieval Spawn was once known as Sir John of York, a knight who died on a battlefield in Freedonia and as punishment for his past deeds of killing and enjoying it, he’s sent back to Earth in symbiotic armor. Before eventually being slain by Angela, he traveled the lands performing good deeds as penance.

The anti-hero is shown here in epic detail, rising his sword victoriously as he stands on a massive skull. You can practically hear the figure as he roars into the ether, the clanking of his armor and chainmail bringing him to life on the battlefied.

The statue also comes with an alternate helmeted head as well as an arm carrying a battle-axe. Even the base boasts plenty of detail, as well as a name sign for the character.

Each Medieval Spawn statue is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Todd McFarlane on a very cool marquee display.

Rise, and bring Medieval Spawn into your collection today! He’s currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, expected to arrive in January 2016 with free shipping.

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Medieval Spawn Statue
Medieval Spawn Statue
Medieval Spawn Statue
Medieval Spawn Statue
Medieval Spawn Statue
Medieval Spawn Statue




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