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“Hasbro Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Action Man

2016 will see the 50th anniversary of the Action Man brand, which was licensed by Hasbro from the 1960s to the 1990s. To celebrate this occasion, Hasbro and Art + Science International will bring back a specially developed range of Collector Edition Action Man figurines, which will be released next June. The launch will coincide with Father’s Day and Armed Forces Day celebrations.

The Collector Edition will feature the classic British infantrymen, the skier, the parachutists, the scuba diver, and the footballer. The Collector Editions will be inspired by the best of the Action Man brand and will feature accessories, gripping hands, realistic flock hair, and the famous scar. Other famous features like Eagle Eye and Muscle Torso will appear in later releases.

Each Action Man figure will be presented in a special diorama scene, with a 50th anniversary edition dog tag and an illustrated Action Man manual. The original Action Man artist, Douglas Hart, will provide illustrations for the packaging and manual.”
-From Total Licensing

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