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Yeah, Scarlett Johansson is super hot as the Black Widow in the Avengers and other Marvel flicks, and what red-blooded American boy, or nearly any boy from wherever or woman for that matter, would love to have her gracing the shelves of his or her collection? Well, now you can have your own Marvel Select Black Widow as she appears in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. The figure is in the 7 inch scale with 16 points of articulation.
As usual the folks over at Diamond Select have done a great job getting a great looking figure that is balanced and fully articulated, without losing a great deal of detail in the process.
The Black Widow comes with her Glock 26, that is removable and can be placed in the holster, but the holster needs to be deepened and widened a bit so that the pistol does not fall out. Natasha also comes with two stingers and some extra hands for holding the pistol. The base I’m told is able to be added to the Thor base to make a larger display base. There is some nice detail to the base and it really adds to the figure’s presentation.

I only had two gripes with the figure. And they are small. The paint seemed a little flat, the lips almost disappear on her creamy white face, and the hair line is a little high on her forehead. But all in all the body sculpt is wonderful and it’s a fairly good likeness of the Widow and or Johansson.
The articulation lets you pose her in almost any stance and with the ankle and feet being so forgiving, she’ll stand quite nicely.
Oh, as an added extra, Entertainment Earth dropped in the background art with my order and it made a great backdrop for this or really any other figure.

The packaging is great, although pretty huge for this small figure, I got an old Hulk figure from DST and it comes in the same size package, but he’s basically touching the top, bottom and all over. She’s kind of dwarfed by her packaging.

Overall, this is a great addition to the Avengers line and I’m very glad we’re seeing more female figures hitting the shelves.

Marvel Select Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Black Widow Figure

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