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Randy here… and it’s February.
Do you know what time it is?


The American International Toy Fair starts in a few days in New York City, but word has already begun leaking out. Whether from the Toy Fairs in Europe or by the companies themselves through social media, we are getting our first peeks at what is coming down the line-and into stores.  And there’s some great stuff coming!


2015 continues to show that NECA is in the ALIEN Franchise to stay! There has been quite a bit revealed in the days leading up to the American International Toy Fair, not the least of which is the finalized 1st Ripley figure from ALIEN, part of ALIEN Series 4!

That is looking spot on to me! According to NECA, this picture is of the actual figure, not a 2-up.  This is the first of three Ripley, with the 2nd of her in the spacesuit from the end of ALIEN (Series 4) and the 3rd from the end of ALIENS, which I posted an image of in my last column.  Maybe they’ll be a few more revealed later this week.

Also part of Series 4 is the Dallas figure from ALIEN. As with most movies through the late 80′s/early 90′s, likenesses for licensed items were not a big part of many contract, making it difficult to do many classic movie characters nowadays. (Looking at you Series 3 Kane!)

But that is not the situation with the Dallas figure! This is a great likeness of actor Tom Skerritt.

And here is ALIEN Series 4 as a group, due in April to retailers.
Toy Fair will give us more insight into Series 5 and beyond…

NECA continues its popular 8-bit line of figures into 2015 with ALIEN 3 Dog Alien.

The figure will feature a two-tone paint op, as seen above. This particular line is still one of the best examples of a company doing re-paints of their figures, while making them unique and interesting. It also allows them certain licenses that they wouldn’t normally have access to… like doing a Michael Keaton Batman! Keep it up, NECA
NECA is venturing back into the world of Alien Vs. Predator film in 2015.  They’ve been posting in-progress pictures of their Predator 2-up to be displayed at Toy Fair in NYC.

The AvP movie series has NEVER been my favorite, but this up-coming line is shaping up quite nicely.

The Classic Planet of the Apes continues to be a popular line, for collectors and the people at NECA.  A new image of the Series 3 and the 2nd figure from Conquest of Planet of the Apes (the one I love just slightly more than POTA!) First there was Caesar, now comes the Gorilla Soldier!

Gonna need a few of these, I think!

An interesting reveal from Nuremberg Toy Fair is that NECA will be doing Retro-styled (re, “Mego”) figures of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and  Dr. Brand (Anne Hathaway) from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. They will feature cloth spacesuits & removable helmets. Look them in March/April. Pictures coming soon!


Ever since its reveal in at the San Diego Comic Con in 2014, Mezco’s One:12 Collective line is a fascinating and exciting new look at action figures.  We’ve seen Batman from Frank Miller’s classic “The Dark Knight Returns”, as well the up-coming Judge Dredd 2000 A.D. version. But the newest figure revealed prior to Toy Fair gives someone for Batman to fight!

The Mutant Leader is coming to destroy Batman! I’m a little surprised at the choice of character, but I think it shows that Mezco wants to stay in Miller’s Dark Knight universe. They’ve talked recently about having multiple body types to use for other characters, especially  DC. So there is hope for a Superman and maybe even a Power Armor Batman.  I can hope

Also shown with the up-coming Judge Dredd was an in-scale Lawmaster motorcycle! While there are no immediate plans to produce it, Mezco wouldn’t rule it out. And really-can you have a Judge without his wheels?!


With Avengers-Age of Ultron due out in less than three months (AWWW YEAAAH!), Hot Toys isn’t wasting any time putting out images and setting up pre-orders for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes… and Villains.

First up is Thanos, which I previewed in the last column, which is TECHNICALLY from Guardians of the Galaxy. But perhaps his Mad Titan-ness will make a surprise appearance… again.

Next up is the Star-Spangled Avenger, Captain America-Steve Rogers! We all know that a new movie brings a new costume for Cap. This is similar to his uniform from The Avengers, though with a little bit of a “digital” look to it. Check out the red and with “circuits” at the mid-section.

Thanos is due in late 4th quarter of 2015, with Captain America in late 3rd Quarter, through Sideshow.

Hot Toys is ramping up their Star Wars releases with a Stormtrooper figure… er, Stormtroopers.  Well, both!
Two different 1/6 figures will be released: a single pack and a two-pack of Stormtroopers! This is pretty impressive, as Sideshow took quite a bit of time to release their Stormtrooper figure.

So if you are just collecting or army building, Hot Toys is giving you options!  I think this is a great way to focus & cater to different types of collectors. This should also clear the way QUICKLY for a Han Solo & Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise two-pack in the near future-even if we’ll have a HT Chewbacca before a Luke!

Both Stormtrooper set are expected to be released in late 3rd Quarter of 2015, though Sideshow.

Well, expect more news and info over the next few days from AFTimes & Toygodd!
I can’t wait!

Be seeing you,

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