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Warner Bros. and DC comics are bringing a new live-action series called Titans — based on The Teen Titans comic book — to television. According to the Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros. would like Titans to air on TNT. Both Warner Bros. and TNT are owned by Time Warner Inc.

Long before the lighthearted Teen Titans Go! cartoon series made a splash on the Cartoon Network, there was the very, very well received 1980 revival of the comic by Marv Wolfman and George Perez titled, The New Teen Titans. Fans of that version of the Teen Titans will rejoice as that is what the new television series will be based on.

The New Teen Titans included Batman’s original sidekick, Dick Grayson’s Robin. Robin would change his name – and costume – to Nightwing as the series progressed. It also included Wonder Girl, AKA Donna Troy; Kid Flash, AKA Wally West; the Terminator-esque Cyborg; Raven the mystical, orignal goth girl; Starfire, the team’s voluptuous alien; and finally Beast Boy, the resident wiseacre.

According to Comic Book, Akiva Goldsman will write the pilot episode of Titans. Goldsman has had hits and misses when it’s come to films in the past, with such varied work as Batman Forever and Batman and Robin on his resume alongside The Da Vinci Code and A Beautiful Mind, so we’ll see where Titans falls on that list.

Fans of the Teen Titans have been clamoring for a movie ever since the end of The Dark Knight Rises, when they thought a certain character should carry on as Nightwing. Rumors have been circulating since production started on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice that DC and Warner Bros. might have a Teen Titans film on the back burner, with Goldsman producing. However, those rumors probably started when someone picked up the scent of the TV show.

The Cyborg character is already being played by Ray Fisher in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It will be interesting to see just how interested DC is in tying their televised works with their movies. For example, will Fisher play the Cyborg character in the Titans television show?

Titans is just the latest in a slew of television shows that DC has on the air, in production, or in development. Arrow is already a very successful CW show based on Green Arrow. The Batman prequel show, Gotham, premieres soon on Fox (and it already has a back-end deal with Netflix), as does The Flash, which will air on the CW network.

Along with Titans, DC is developing shows for Constantine and iZombie based on stories and characters from their comic books.

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