Randy back with the last of my SDCC company photos with the first place I went to-Sideshow.
There’s a LOT of great stuff here-hence all the photos! The Star Wars and Hot Toys stuff are always my favorite to drool over. Digging the new Ripley figures from both ALIEN and ALIENS, especially the Power Loader. Makes me hope that perhaps we can get all new Colonial Marines sometime-and that makes me giddy to hope.
The Back To the Future line is a surprise, but that DeLorean is gorgeous in person. I’m hoping that this might lead to more of such things… perhaps even a V8 Interceptor. I’ll keep dreaming.
The Marvel line is getting bigger and better. Can’t believe how many IM suits there are. The Falcon & Cap figures are must haves.

I’ve got one more post of miscellaneous photos and my overview of this year’s Comic Con to com up shortly.


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