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PREVIEWS Features Exclusive Godzilla Film Series Vinyl Figures

The year 1955 brought about the resurrection of Godzilla and introduced his foe Anguirus, both now captured in time as exclusive TOHO Godzilla and Anguirus Vinyl Figures from Bandai, PLEX, and X Plus Co, Ltd. Each detailed 12” figure is perfect for Godzilla enthusiasts, who can pre-order the figures from the August PREVIEWS catalog, scheduled to release exclusively in comic book specialty shops late in November 2014.


From the historic film series Godzilla Raids Again, come the 1955 version of Godzilla with the TOHO Godzilla Vinyl Figure (Item Code: AUG142477, SRP: $160.00) and  1955 TOHO 12” Series Anguirus Vinyl Figure (Item Code: AUG142478, SRP: $160.00). Presented in gray tones (replicating their appearance in the B&W film), Godzilla stands 12″ tall and 18″ long, while Anguirus measures 12” tall and 20″ long. Each hand-painted vinyl figure is expertly crafted to capture every detail of these classic movie monsters!

“I’m very excited for this sixth wave of X-Plus’s TOHO 30cm (12”) vinyl figures,” said Diamond Brand Manager Jesse Morgan. “We’ve never before been able to release two kaiju from the same film simultaneously, and the early feedback from fans on Facebook is that both of these are highly sought after. I can’t wait to have both on my own bookshelf!”

To ensure you get your exclusive TOHO 12” Series figures, pre-order them at your local comic book specialty shop. Find a local comic shop at and add these memorable monsters to your Godzilla collection.



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