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I guess I’m not alone in biding my time waiting for the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy motion picture coming this August. We’ll as soon as I saw the trailer, I’m figuring Groot and Rocket will steal the show. So, I had to pre-order the Rocket Raccoon Warbird, and the first wave of GOTG two packs. The figures of this line are smaller than the standard 3 3/4″, their closer to 2.5″, which is not such a bad thing since you have a better chance of finding room for your collection and you hopefully will get some cool ships and playsets.
The Warbird is smallish, and a snap to put together, and place the dozen or so stickers supplied. There are snap on weapons pods and colorful bits included in the two packs of figures that can be augment the existing weapons and plenty of holes molded into the body of the ship so you can mix and match missiles and other colorful parts and make the ship your own.
The body is molded in silver/gray plastic and is rigid, but not brittle, it can take a few hard landings without worry. The bottom of the ship pops off and you can snap the two lower wing sections here and then snap the bottom piece onto the fuselage. The only problem with this is that the bottom piece has a two pronged piece that points out the back, and when holding the ship this becomes a type of fulcrum and it leads to the bottom section popping off and you dropping the wings. I will glue mine together to keep this from happening in the future. The upper wings swing up a couple of degrees which alters the look of the ship slightly.

This is a copy of the Rocket Raccoon included in the two packs. He has an okay paint job, but at this scale there is very little detail. Also, he has zero points of articulation which makes sitting him in the vehicle sort of a joke. The canopy is very large to accommodate other figures in the line.
The canopy glass is a very clear soft plastic.

The ship comes with one missle launcher, missle, two snap on gun mounts and two black pod for under the wing attachment.


All in all not a bad little ship, especially for the younger set. But buy it at TRU or some other retailer,for about 15 bucks, the mail order prices are a bit high, and shipping only pops that price higher still. The two packs are going for about a 5 spot and appear worth the dough.
These are more toys than collectibles, but the Legends sized figures have more articulation, size and details.

Two Packs:
Like I said, they’re smaller and less detailed than 3 3/4″ figures, but you can get the entire wave for about 35 bucks, and each pack has add ons for your vehicles as well. Not bad.

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