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Space the final frontier, now you can bring that frontier to your home with DST and Art Asylum’s Electronic Starships…
Diamond Select Toys has a great feel for the Star Trek universe and toys. This Klingon Bird of Prey is no exception. This ship is huge, about 19″ across, made of a translucent emerald green plastic that showcases the numerous lights imbedded inside the fuselage. This ship appears in Star Trek III and is under the control of Commander Kruge portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, who also voices the soundchip clips.
The ship comes complete with only the two piece Klingon stand left to finish. That takes about ten seconds. The ship has moveable wings that can raise and lower for greater dynamic posing possibilities. A few of these types of starships could give one hell of a cool shelf display, and along with the sound effects and voices from actual Star Trek characters, just adds to the enjoyment. So, if you don’t have time to sit down and build a model from the ground up, why not invest in one of these little babies, with lights and sounds, and begin enjoying being the owner of your own star fleet right away?

Cool window box with try me opening, the back has short bio and the ship’s stats.

Translucent ship’s plastic is heavy enough for kids to enjoy safely, and the sound effects are many and just fun to hear. Lights embedded inside the fuselage glow nicely and the stand is fairly stable.

Fun addition to your collection or just to collect on it’s own. It is big, so you’ll need a little space to display it, but it is so cool.

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