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You think of Uncle Milton and what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Ant Farms. Right? Well, Uncle Milton has more than habitats for
little insects in his workshop nowadays, in fact he has a slew of science based toys and sets. They even have the Star Wars license. This review is on the Remote-Controlled Lightsaber Room light kit.

The kit has to be assembled and when complete you have a wall mounted room light that you can control with a small switch box from across the room, and phase between 8 colors. The lightsaber is over 25 inches long and comes complete with humming sound effects. Pretty cool. It’s rated for 6 and up, but should be able to be assembled by an nine year old with no problems, in any case mom and dad should be around just in case.

The light runs off 3 AAA batteries and the remote takes another 2 AAA cells. The instructions include some facts about electricity and also some stuff on how the mythical lightsaber operates. The instructions are very clear and well illustrated and even a numbskull like yours truly had no problems putting it together in less than ten minutes.

All in all it’s a quick assembly and hook up to a wall for your little one to get a little glowing light whenever he uses his Jedi powers to start the saber up. It’s simple, fun and reasonably priced.

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