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Well this year was a rough ride. I got food poisoning the night before I left. needless to say I just barely crawled out of bed to make the plane. This could very well be my last Toy Fair. I’m not sure as it depends upon some details I won’t go in to. After going to so many Toy Fairs I think I finally have come upon a fact that I may have overlooked all these years. You can’t fake passion. You can try, but consumers/collectors will see through the veil of poor quality. While I have railed against Hasbro for many years I have to say that they have passion for their product. I don’t understand it but My Little Pony has passion built in to the line. In fact I didn’t see anything in their showroom that wasn’t quality. 3A, Threeero,  NECA, The Four Horsemen, Mezco, Diamond Select, Enterbay, these have passion (as do many others I saw). The most under whleming company I saw at Toy Fair was Mattel. To me they lack passion. What happened here? The Batman line is just blah. MOTU is shrinking. The WWE line, which in my opinion should be a gem seemed to be an after thought! I heard the say that they expected the collectors to dictate the direction of their division. Really? You have no road map? That is a recipe for failure in my opinion. I’ve heard that Sideshow has a war room with a massive wall outlining multiple year plans. Now that’s passion!

I’ve been collecting toys seriously since Todd McFarlane started making his Spawn toys. While those were early they had passion. Todd changed the landscape of toys. He made people want to collect again. He cracked open the passion that permeated the industry that still exists today in companies that care. If you collect toys than you know what I’m talking about. No passion, no product.

I’m branching out. I’ll be making my own figures soon in glass. I’ve been headed in this direction for a while. I’ll post my progress as well as customs. I hope to be more of an artist soon than just a write. I’ll hope my work shows passion.


Stay well and drop me a line when you have the chance. here’s the last of the pictures. Enjoy and thanks for reading, TG


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  1. Umpire March 3, 2014 at 6:48 pm ·

    Mattel is just a sad group. Uninspired and weak when you look at Hasbro’s line-up. Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel, all with very strong licensing and new media coming out. Batman has run its course, Man of Steel toys didn’t really seem to fly off shelves – I really like the Classic Batman line, but with only one figure shown (Joker Surf) I’m not really that impressed. Too bad. They still have Barbie, Monster High and Hot Wheels, but as collectibles, it’s a river that has run dry.

  2. Sliding Lock Man in PA March 5, 2014 at 8:52 pm ·

    I think I look forward to your odds and ends at the end of ToyFair most of all. Thanks, TG! The photo of the Pope bobblehead in the same case as Mr. Bean and Pee Wee Herman is alone worth the price of admission. Best wishes for your new work and I can’t wait to see the glass you create!

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