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Established in 2005, ENTERBAY International Limited is a Hong Kong based company has since emerged as one of the most inspirational leading figurine companies.

Headquartered in China, we also set up offices and an official ENTERBAY store in Hong Kong and Japan. ENTERBAY is indeed blessed to have a team of such talented craftsmen, engineers, and technicians from the Far East Asia and Europe. We are best known for developing cutting edge and high quality products.

We have many other stockists worldwide, and this has allowed us to serve our customers in a more convenience way and extend our global presence. ENTERBAY currently sells in more than 20 countries worldwide.

ENTERBAY is committed to improving and expanding into the foreseeable future. We target to better serve our customers by enhancing our high=quality consumer goods. We are confident that by delivering world-class service and offering quality products to our customers, ENTERBAY will continue to be a leading member in the collectible figurine industry. Check it out.

I have to add a thought here. With all of the time it takes Enterbay to release products and the competition from Hot Toys, I’m amazed they’re still around! Thanks for reading!




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