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I’ve been a fan of the Classic Batman television show since I was about four years old. My dad worked at Fox as did my grandfather as greensmen and also an uncle who worked as a make-up artist. As a kid I used to spend time running around the streets of Gotham City (actually the backlot of 20th Century Fox Studios) I watched the show religiously, enjoying the action and good-natured humor of the characters. Batman was an instant hero to me and my neighborhood chums. We all dressed up in towels turned into capes, and rode bikes or foot powered fire engines but they were all known as the Batmobile. The car, well, the car was the highest form of cool. I even pestered my mom to buy me the early model kit when I was about six. Of course she had to build it… Glue was not for kids to play with, and she did a great job. I played with that like a toy for months, until it started to come apart and I would use white glue to repair it… To no avail, it just came apart. Then there was the Corgi 267 Batmobile with Batman and Robin and the Batboat to boot. I always wanted it, but it was so expensive I never seemed to have enough money. It would be years before I had enough dough to buy wrecked versions and use reproduction parts from England, thanks Toy Tinker. Now, as I have gotten so much older, I was excited to once again have a chance at the old beauty from the 1966 series. George Barris’ Batmobile based on a Ford Futura chassis and given all the coolness that any kid, young or old would love… And this one fits the new 6″ series of Classic Batman figures put out by Mattel.


Nice full length window box showing off the side view of the Batmobile, with Gotham City silhouetted in the background. The end flaps have cartoon versions of Batman and Robin riding in their vehicle, much like the beginning credits of the show. The back gives a small bio of the car and also shows some of the upcoming characters from the new line.


Just like the Hot Wheels version of the car, it is a pretty close approximation of the vehicle. The doors do not open, the hood and trunk are sealed, basically the only moving parts are the wheels. It’s understandable since the car retails for about 50 bucks, and there had to be some consideration for the price point with this large of a vehicle. All of the motar tubes and the laser are made from soft plastic, so no chance of breaking them off unless you really want to mess it up. Batman and Robin fit into the cockpit with plenty of room and each seat has a soft plastic seat belt. Safety first, Robin. The red Batphone is a little large for the scale, but that’s always been a sticking point with the Mattel Hot Wheels as well.

Well done in silver, and hot rod red pinstripes. The headlights are yellowish orange and there is a tampo rear license on the back. Great red bat insignias on the car and molded onto the rims as well.


No matter what criticisms I have about the Batmobile, I really do love it. It’s been too long and I wished I had this as a kid… Man, the adventures we could have had. Now, being an almost mature person, I have to content myself with posing the figures in the car and softly mutter under my breath: Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed…
Roger, ready to move out!

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  1. Umpire August 3, 2013 at 11:44 pm ·

    Got it in the mail from Under 50 bucks, a lot better than some of the prices I’ve seen it going for on eBay.

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