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Well that’s it for another San Diego Convention. I posted well over 3,000 pictures. Yeah yeah yeah I didn’t have much to say concerning them. I figure you can make your own commentary concerning what it is you like and don’t like. For me though this may have been my last trip to the Con. It’s too small a venue for what should be the gem it once was. Whoever is running the show isn’t telling the fans the truth in my opinion. I see ZERO evidence of expansion. I do see more and more venues (hotels and such) being used to house exhibitions related to the show. I also don’t see a lot of new stuff being offered. Yes Sideshow Collectibles is by far the best booth to visit! They have never failed to amaze me with their plethora of product. As for the rest it’s just more of the same year after year. Mattel seems to coast through now. Begging fans to subscribe to figures they don’t want or product they aren’t told they’ll get for their dollars. Hasbro is the big guy on the block. Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers and Marvel always having lots to offer fans. Yes Anime showing Play Imaginative’s Super Alloy figures was a breath of fresh air. While expensive they sure look super cool. Time will tell if they take off with the fans.

Diamond Select Toy’s offerings were very nice. Mini Mates, 10 years old now, are still going strong! Hopefully we’ll see them for another 10 years. Gentle Giant’s statues were as nice as ever. What’s so different year after year? For me the crowded conditions, lack of respect for press. Everyone has a smart phone with a camera and/or an Instagram, Twitter or You Tube account.

I’ve been writing for AFTimes for almost 20 years now. I do this for the readers of this site and nothing else. No fame, no fortune, just the hobby. However as age begins to takes it’s toll just how many of us remain? How much stuff do we have in cellars, attics, mint in package? I came to the conclusion a while back that just possessing something just isn’t enough anymore. Not being able to appreciate that what I have isn’t satisfying for me.

I don’t know. Maybe the end is near for my writing career. I like the Designer Con in Pasadena, CA and the New York City Con more now. The artists making their own products and the innovation is more to my liking. We’ll see. Somewhere ahead is the end. I’m just not certain how many miles ahead that might be.


As always I thank each and every one of you who stop at AFTimes and read what we post. I have met so few of you but I feel that I know you anyway. Drop me or Umpire a line if you wish. We always like to hear what your opinions are. Post it up on the forum if an email isn’t your style. Either way a HUGE thank you for taking the time to read!


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  1. Sliding Lock Man in PA August 6, 2013 at 2:52 pm ·

    While I may not always post a comment on every single entry, I always enjoy your photos and your comments. I think I may be having the same emotional reaction to the hobby that you are, though. I’m getting older — just turned 60 — and the fire feels like it’s been burning lower and lower. I just don’t have a passion for the hobby like I did, and the prices are getting higher and higher as I find myself getting closer and closer to the Fixed Income Portion of My Life. (And yet, the Super Alloy Green Lantern figure, $270.00 or not, still lights a spark, so who knows?)

    I agree that too much stuff is in the basement, and I recently took steps to do something about it. All my Star Wars stuff that remained in its packaging — not because I keep it that way, but simply because I never got around to opening the toys and never had the space to display them; I AM an opener — all of my unopened SW stuff, about 300 pieces, is going to the 501st Legion this week. Let it go out and be in the hands of a kid somewhere. The other stuff that was never opened is going to either Toys for Tots or a local charity auction for neuromuscular disease research. I’ve suffered from MS for a while now, probably had it my whole life, which explains my stutter among other problems, and again, if something can give somebody some pleasure and do some good, well, that’s way better than having it in my basement.

    I’ll probably hang on to the Shrine of Oa for a while yet. I recently capped it off with the latest DC Collectibles green Power Battery as a centerpiece, and I want to have my GL stuff for a while yet. I’m hanging on to my JLU collection — pretty much complete except for Holiday Hal (although I have a pretty good copy of him in The Shrine) because my daughter wants it, and some favorite DC characters from the Mattel line — usually GL-related but not always; Hawkman and Hawkgirl are fine, fine figures — will probably stick around for a while too. But I think I’m getting to the point where, like you, I’m feeling like I might be done.

    I hope you continue to write something or other, and that you keep us posted as to where we can find you. You’re a fine writer and a pretty good photographer and it would be a shame to keep your talents to yourself.

  2. Gemini Jones August 10, 2013 at 12:54 am ·

    Ditto to everything SLM said! I came to this conclusion last year that I have WAY too much stuff and not enough space to display it properly, so needless to say I have slowed down considerably on my toy purchases.
    I still get excited seeing new stuff coming out, I just question my purchases like I never did before.

    Now I’m going through boxes of items in my 15×20 storage unit and the majority of it is going to ebay, donations and nephews.

    As for you Toygodd, the comments have slowed down, but believe me when I say I appreciate everything you do and write and that this is a tight knit community that I keep coming back to time and again, so please keep on keeping on, and know that you and everyone else at AFT are appreciated!

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