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I’ve been waiting for months for these figures to be released by Mattel, and they finally showed up at my door
after a short trip from the good folks over at Big Bad Toy Store. Batman and Robin dressed in the unmistakable costumes from
the Classic 1960′s Batman television show. Am I ever stoked.

I looked at the box art for a quick moment before tearing into it, and have to give kudos to Mattel for the design and execution of the
climbing wall, figures and also the inclusion of a tiny Bat-a-rang.

The first thing I noticed was that Batman was a little on the thin side as Adam West was a bit heavier and a bit more barrel chested. His cowl was
a little off, but I’m having a hard time pinning down what irked me, but it was a small detail overall, and I love the amount of articulation on this figure, especially since he and Robin are crouching as they scale the wall. Both figures sport soft goods for capes and each has rigid wire pieces to keep the capes extended like they did in the old show. The wall piece is a non-descript building section with foot pegs to hold the figures and two windows that are hinged to open up. The figures come with a length of Bat-rope to pull them up the side of the building.

The face sculpts are really well done and I can’t wait for the Batmobile to be released so I can place my dynamic duo in the cockpit. This set whet my appetite for more of these awesome figures to be released as well, since the boys need villains to fight the never ending battle for Gotham City.

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