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As Children, we dreamed…

…dreamed of becoming the most iconic heroes and characters from the world of imagination like BATMANTM, Captain AmericaTM, IRON MANTM, TRONTM, Luke Skywalker and more. Now, UDReplicas brings those dreams to life with a constantly-expanding line of official movie replica garments inspired by some of the finest filmmakers in the world, including Warner Bros., Marvel, Disney and Lucasfilm.

The dreamer behind UDReplicas and parent company Universal Designs Ltd. is David Pea, a fashion designer and leather craftsman who creates screen-accurate replica garments based on some of the most enduring heroes (and villains!) in popular culture.

“Since these are screen-accurate replicas, officially licensed by their respective studios, our research and development process is uncompromising. Frequently, we work directly from the source material, engineering our UDReplicas garments from the original suits worn on-screen by such actors as Christian Bale, Olivia Wilde, Ben Affleck and others,” says Pea.

Formed painstakingly from the finest leathers and materials, Pea’s designs are functional works of art, never to be confused with traditional costumes. With the addition of Kevlar and other CE-approved body armour and protective features, each garment is a fully-functional protective motorcycle suit, bringing a unique style to riders never seen before.

UDReplicas…where craftsmanship meets inspiration and dreams become realities…

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