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Welcome back to the Shack. I like vinyl. No big secret here. hile I was in NYC cobering the International Toy Fair, I spotted something cool in the Kid Robot booth. Now I have issues with KR that aren’t worth your time to read so I’ll skip the rant. Suffice it to say they are not a favorite company of mine. Well they  released something cool recently by Frank Kozik that I couldnt resist. I bought it through MyPlasticHeart. If you’re looking for a company that has fast shipping and great customer service try them before some other companies named here. Anyway the Labbit looks to the past and the future. Featuring the classic white & black issues of this  Kozik icon is  fused with a detailed relief sculpt Labbit skeleton, the two faced vinyl Skeleton Labbit stands 10 inches tall and embodies Labbit’s beginnings and endings. Originating in the world of myth, both of  these gatekeepers are limited to 666 pieces worldwide. Take a look!

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