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Welcome back to Hanger 3A. The sequester shut us down for quite a while but we found someone in the administration who would listen! I was sent one of the just released Halo Commander Carter figures. This is one detailed figure. Now there have been quite a few reviews so far, none of which I have read. I prefer to wait until I get the product in my hands to see what the story is. The figure itself is heavily equipped. He comes with a  combat knife with sheath, 2 M9 HE-DP APG FRAG GRENADES and a M392 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). All of the accessories stick to the armor via magnets. The figure is very articulated allowing for a lot of posing and movement. There are 13 LEDs on this figure run by 8 batteries which are not included. Now I’m going to give you some advice here if you have yet to try to install the arm batteries. TAPE them in a stack of three and you will find that installation is a breeze compared to trying to install them one at at a time. Now this is just my opinion but having to run a single LED on 3 batteries seems to be a bit of overkill. The other 11 are run by 2 larger flat batteries easily installed on the back. Just wanted to toss that out there in case like me, you were having a time getting those batteries in. The LEDS are quite cool! Hell, if you happen to see the configuration in the last  photo at night I would run for the hills. The rubber sheathing at some of the joints should be treated occasionally with some sort of lubricant to keep it from drying out. I would have liked the grenades and knife to have a bit stronger magnet but it’s not a deal breaker. This figure is quite cool and if you are a Halo fan I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. Check it out.

I’ll be back with this year’s membership kit shortly!


Thanks for reading and thank you 3A!



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