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The Charles Ramsey Action Figure Has Arrived
Herobuilders picks Charles Ramsey as the first action figure for their new line of Real Hero Action Figures.

Herobuilders looks to A Real American Hero Charles Ramsey for their new product line The Real Hero Action Figure Line.

“Charles Ramsey, the Hero of Cleveland who played a key role in the rescue of 3 women who have been held captive for more than 9 years, was the perfect candidate to launch our new product line,” said Emil Vicale President and Design Director of Herobuilders.com

The owner of Herobuilders says, “You don’t need to be Charles Ramsey to get an action figure of yourself for Herobuilders.com.” Herobuilders pioneered the custom action figure industry over a decade ago.

Herobuilders.com can make you an action figure with just two images. From the executive series to the everyman, Herobuilders can make any person a custom action figure. Emil Vicale the owner of Herobuilders said even tattoos are duplicated; we hand paint your tattoo to match your original. We have over 70 in stock outfits and accessories to make your figures dress and look even more.

Custom Action Figures from Herobuilders make the best birthday gifts ever; they make great corporate gifts, too. “You know you’ve made it in American when you have an action figure of yourself.”

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