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It is not clear when earth’s whales first gained awareness and psychic powers. It is however well known that they first showed their true abilities to the human race in 2037. At that time humanity was close to destroying earth through war and pollution. With a bombardment of psychic messages the whales showed mankind the error of its ways. The humans soon learned to follow the wise guidance of the whales and the Whale-Human Alliance was founded. During the next centuries humans and whales peacefully explored the galaxy. They found many inhabitable worlds some even showing remains of long lost alien civilizations. Humans and whales colonized those worlds and the Whale-Human Alliance spread across the galaxy. But when they encountered a race of alien marauders war once again found mankind. It was soon very clear that the humans could not win this war alone. The alien soldiers were bigger, stronger and better armed then their human counterparts. In their need the humans turned to their whale allies for help.
Thus a lot of whales underwent surgery to enhance them to fight alongside the humans in giant robot suits. Now they fight as Mechawhales to bring back peace to the galaxy.

These cool creatures are made by Hauke Scheer, a character designer from Germany. Check out this cool figure!


I for one can’t wait to see what other figures come out of this cool idea! Thanks for reading.



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