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Hello again at last. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to review new product. Hobbled by a severely pinched nerve, than family issues and computer issues, life just wouldn’t get out of my way. I was even accused of scamming someone for product! Well that just wasn’t the case. So finally here I am back in the saddle with a bunch of cool reviews. We’ll start with Creatures of Delight which I discovered at Toy Fair several years ago. This company makes the most expressive creatures I’ve ever encountered. Created by T. Oliver Kopian, Each piece is painstakingly hand crafted from start to finish in a unique patented process known as Rubber Plush®. The finished product is a cross between paper mache, molded rubber and a stuffed animal. All aspects of the process are done by hand… from the original sculpting and molding, to hand stuffing, and ultimately airbrush and detail painting.

The world encompasses all sorts of creatures from real life to fantasy, which perform many functions from carrying valuables to simple creating smiles. Puppets, dolls, backpacks and more, take the form of dinosaurs, dragons, trolls and even clouds! The ever growing cast of characters of Creatures of Delight® are collected worldwide by ever growing numbers of fans. The pieces are still signed and dated by T. Oliver Kopian, and many of the large pieces are even numbered.

I have quite a few to show you so I’ll be posting one a day. AFTimes’ Umpire will be posting up contests so you can have the opportunity to own one of these cool creatures and see for yourself what I have come to know. These rubber plush are just plain cool.


We’ll start with Barnacle Betty. Standing at approximately 11 inches tall she’s green, fun and full of attitude! Take a look.

More reviews coming of this cool product. Remember to watch the forums for contests to own your very own Creature of Delight!


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  1. drew-p March 16, 2013 at 5:12 pm ·

    Cool stuff. Barnacle Betty is my kinda gal.

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