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Here’s the skinny on this event. Looking to bring the indie toy community back to its roots, long time collector Carl Kent Smith (mutonismyfriend) is hosting the first ever ‘Garage Sale’ presented by Clearwithguts on December 1st.  Named as such because the event will take place in Carl’s ‘”garr-ridge”, Garage Sale will feature a unique, informal, low stress market to purchase figures from Velocitron, Josh Herbolsheimer, Mitchell Edmonds, Brian Flynn, Splurrt, Monster Worship, Adam Middleton/RabbitsAndRobots, Toby Dutkiewicz/Devils Head Productions, Scott Wilkowski, JulieB/Pretty In Plastic, Dennis Hamaan/Shirihama, David Coffman, Megan Kelly, Uh-Oh Toys  Datadub/Fig-Lab.   Each artist will receive 100% of sales proceeds as Carl is donating the space for the event.


I had a great time! Carl Smith, owner, ran a lottery for the figures that were for sale. I managed to snag a Wilkowski and the Purple Kumon! I have an Instagram account, #Toygodd, so you might want to follow me as I post tons of shots while at shows. Check out the array of wares that were available!

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