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Captain Action Enterpries is having one banner year. Not only did they re-introduce their line of action figures, but also some of the coolest costume sets from the world of comics. Now, we get a new figure that brings back Captain Action’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Evil. the alien with designs on using his powers to subvert the wills of government officials in hius plan of global domination. Yeah, he’s got grayish blue skin, a brain that’s exposed and sports a cool silver suit with laser pistol. Kiss can have fun playing with this baddie, or they can put on his mask and transform into good ol’ Dr. Tracy.

One of the cornerstones of Captain Action and Dr. Evil is that they are open ended play opportunities. We know Cap is the all around good guy, and that Evil is well, evil. But it doesn’t preclude your kid from making Evil a good guy or even ally with Cap. Of course, once the costumes go on, Dr. Evil could be naughty Loki or the noble Thor. The sky is the limit, and a child’s imagination can really come alive with basic characters and their own minds supplying the plot and themes.
All you need is a couple figures, some stacks of books and a blanket to throw over the books to make a rocky area to have a shoot out.

Packaging: The basic figure, available from Toys R Us, is a clear plastic which makes it easy to take out the figure and accessories and let you pack them away for storage or shelf display. Very collector friendly,
There is a very nice quality comic book in the Dr. Evil packaging, with a nice background story for this famous baddie.

Costume:The figure is pretty siimple, but the costume still shows great detail points. It’s ligthweight, and doesn’t bind the figure when posing. The color is a vibrant silver with a high necked collar and knee high blue boots. Thankfully there are no snaps taht invariably tear off, but all clothing is secured with velcro.

You get a small blue pistor with no holster, but it’s made of a sturdy plastic and should take lots of hard play. An amulet with a red stone sset into a star shpae, which is very simple to just place over Dr. Evil’s head. There is also the matter of Dr. Evil’s exposed, removable brain. Nice and groady. Nice paint ops all around as they want you to pull out the brain and play with it.. Super nice touch.
The Dr. Tracy mask is very pliable and just a note that it’s a bit easier to take out the brain before putting on the mask.

Articulation: This is where the buck for this figure shines. Very supple and easy to pose joints. Even shirtless, Dr. Evil still looks way cool. The double joints and ball joints keep the lines of this figure so pleasing.

Overall: This line ios a winner. The deluxe style figures are very cool and include a part to collect and create Hawkeye.
But the basic figure gives quite a lot of bang for the buck, while keeping the costs down.
Imagine your little one’s face as he tears into his first Christmas or Chanukah present and comes up with a Captain Action or Dr. Evil figure, and with other costume sets the fun will only be starting.

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