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It’s the Holiday season again, and we’re back at the malls and shops grabbing gifts for our lobed ones. So, I decided I’d toss my two cents in and pick a few of my favorite things in the toy aisles. I’m old, so I still love the retro things so you won’t find a list of Apps or handheld devices here. I’ll leave that to the folks on G2. I’ll be looking at stuff that grabbed my attention until I bumped into the next shiny item…

1. Captain Action: I love this line. From the deluxe versions sold in comic and specialty shops (which include wardrobe parts to make up a Hawkeye costume when you’ve collected them all) . The alternate costume sets for Marvel characters is also a big reason I am backing this line so strongly. The announcement that they will soon be adding DC characters is just a cherry on top of that sundae.
If you’re lucky enough to find one, keep an eye peeled for the Artic version of Cap. It should be at TRU now, but they must be selling them out pretty fast as I haven’t seen on at retail yet.

I actually convinced a young mother to buy a Cap and Marvel costume set for her kid for Christmas. She was scoping out the Batman offerings and couldn’t make up her mind, not knowing much about the Dark Knight Rises. I showed her the Captain Action figure and explained to her about the different characters he could assume and showed her a Spiderman outfit, she didn’t look convinced and shook her head, she did the same when I showed her the Captain America, but when she saw the new Thor costume she immediately recognized it from the Avengers movie… “My son will love this,” She exclaimed, putting a basic Cap and Thor in her cart. I didn’t force the issue that Captain America was also in the Avengers movie, but she thanked me and went away happy.

2.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Now, Playmates has had this license for a while and this most recent incarnation is enough to tickle the fancy of kids and their partents as well. The characters are fun and if you’ve seent the reviews I did this summer, you can see some of the cool vehicles and playsets that would make great gifts for any Turtle fan.

Especially cool are the vintage version of the Turtles from the ’80′s, and the gigantic Sewer playset.

3. Star Wars Pods: These bad boys are extremely small and very collectible. Small takes them away from the very youngest kids, but they fit great in pockets or in your purse when you’re sitting at a restaurant and your little one is getting antsy. You can pull out a couple of these and let the adventures begin on the top of the dinner table. Toygodd took one look at these and called them “Crack for kids.” You can buy nice sets for about twenty bucks or small blind packaged envelopes for about three dollars.

4. Tudor Electric Football: I love this game and it’s still a winner in my book. Miggle Toys has sold the rights to Tudor games which also makes some rather cool electric baseball games as well. Tudor may longer have the NFL license, but it’s easy enough to paint up teams or even get some old teams from Ebay. Electric Football like model railroads are a staple for Christmas. You can get a good starter set for about sixty dollars.

5. Minimates: These are some of the coolest little figures ever. I loved the Pirates, with their ships, the Avengers line and the very cool Universal Monsters. Diamond Select has done a great job at making these figures and vehicles. Their lines include Marvel, Avengers, Spiderman, x-men, The Walking Dead (another of my favorites.)
Waves can be picked up for about twenty-five bucks or you can pick up some for stocking stuffers..

On a side note the Marvel Select figures are second to none in the way of coolness, and accessories.

6. Hot Toys: The Avengers line is the greatest. Nick Fury just came out and Black Widow is on her way in December. Also, just got the Batman from Dark Knight Rises, and will be doing a review on that guy soon. Yeah, this is higher end stuff, but it’s worth it in terms of detail and execution.

There are tons more items out there, I’d hope you take a good long look at them, but in the end what I find cool you may not, so if you have a list or item you feel should be on a list, just jot down your thoughts on the comment section below. We’ll all be the richer with everyone’s POV seen.

Most of all I wish you all a great holiday season. So, Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah, and if you don’t celebrate…. Just enjoy the cool weather.

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