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I met Spencer Davis many years back at the SDCC and immediately saw his art as sexy and intriguing. I asked Spencer than if his Booty Babe was a real woman? He laughed and said no. Here’s the back story. Booty Babe Art is one man’s way of expressing his passion for fantasy art, toys, fashion design, and of course the wonderful variety of female beauty. In effect the project is a tribute to the women that make our day, taking the very definition of “Booty Babe” to new levels.

“What is a ‘Booty Babe?’” you may ask.  As a term of endearment, a Booty Babe is generally a woman with curves. Waist to hip ratio is usually breath-taking. She’s not necessarily run-way model material, in the traditional sense, but she feels sexy and her self-confidence makes her glow. She’s not afraid to wear skin-tight outfits – and we love her for it. Now you’re getting the picture. You’ve seen her at the mall, in line at the bank, grocery shopping, and out dancing. She’s sweet and sexy, stylish and smart; and her body language states, “This is who I am, and I LOVE being me.”

In 1998, with this in mind, artist Spencer Davis started adding material to an otherwise skinny, 12″ fashion doll. Taking cues from Black Tail magazine and a few liberties of his own, the first Booty Babe was conceived. Over the past few years since, Spencer has exhibited his Booty Babe Art sculptures at numerous art gallery exhibitions in Los Angeles and in Oregon.  But this is only the beginning…

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  1. Randy of AFTimes November 7, 2012 at 9:48 pm ·

    Booty Fett?

    Heh… funny.

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