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Late last week I received a large box from China, Hot Toys, to be more precise, and guess who was in that box? Yeah, the man himself, Nick Fury from Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man II and Avengers movie fame. Samuel L. Jackson decked out in all black and armed to the teeth was quite the imposing figure. But like all Hot Toys releases, this one may seem pretty straight forward, but once you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a treasure trove of cool accessories and features.


The slip cover has a cool face shot of Nick Fury (AKA Samuel L. Jackson) and when you pull off the cover it reveals a head to toe window box. Within is a multi-layered vac formed layers for hands, figure, then the accessories.

Nick Fury face is rendered with Hot Toy’s usual attention to detail, with an iconic expression fitting for the head of S.H.E.I.L.D. The paint is exquisite and the shading is impeccable. The scars on his face are wonderfully rendered and detailed as his facial hair.
As can be seen on some of the still pictures, the hands and gloves are adorned qwith detailed patterns that are totally satisfying.


The long duster/overcoat is just the right weight for the figure, not too stiff, but no where near cheap. He has a zippered vest beneath, and starched pants, but fopr me, I’m keeping the coat on as it gives him his imposing look as seen in the motion pictures.
I’m very happy with the assortment of hands; gloved and bare that have been included as they give many options for display.

I found that removing and replacing hands, and boots was one of the easiest experiences in recent memory. You’ll be taking at least one boot off to place the leg holster, and you’ll have to remove both hands to take off the coat if you wish.


Now, were getting into the coolest parts of the this figure offering.
You get a Cosmic Cube carrying case that you can place the cube into and it lights up. Giving you a glowing cube. That is so cool!
Of course you get a pistol with moving action, as well as Rocket Propelled Grenade as seen in the film. Included also is a wristwatch, and earphone and microphone that fits in his right ear.
Along with this is the stand (although this figure is so well balanced that I don’t really use it much), and of course the all important instruction and warning sheet. Take a look at this even if you are an old collecting pro. It’ll help save your figure’s paint job.

I am so glad that Hot Toys did a Nick Fury figure, that fits in so well with all the Avengers figures that I’ve been putting together. I’m looking forward to the Avengers version of Black Widow later this year and agent Coulson as well.
I hear that Iron Man III is in production, with Thor II and the second Captain America, but when are they going to have a Nick Fury feature? C’mon Marvel (Disney) it’s a no-brainer.

If you are and Avengers fan, a fan of Samuel L. Jackson or like me, both. You will love this Hot Toys version of Nick Fury, and be ever so happy to add it to your collection.

My thanks to Hot Toys for providing this sample for review.

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