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We have heard that folks watching Doc’s videos are amazed at the collection of figures that adorn the shelves behind him. Well, Doc, being a a man of the people (re: youse guys!) is changing up the background of his set and wanted to let everyone see what WAS behind him all this time. Keep in mind this is a mere sliver of what makes up Doc’s collection, so we should be seeing some rather cool stuff being used as set dressing in the coming days and months, etc.

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  1. Sliding Lock Man in PA August 21, 2012 at 1:05 am ·

    SOOOOO jealous!!

  2. namtab39 August 21, 2012 at 2:03 am ·

    Wow, so Iron-Cow actually did produce that figure. It was promoted as the Neal Adams Batman and there was a contest (evidently more than one from Doc’s description) where they gave away 3 of these babies and to enter you, or a family member, had to be involved in some type of volunteer program and be able to pro the volunteer coordinator at the Target she worked for and I helped on occasion. On one of the projects her team worked on a youth center in an underprivileged area and I helped to design and paint a mural on one of the walls. The center directors wanted something involving hope and good influence and had images that were rather mundane. During the first meeting we had I had brought a sketchbook to work out some ideas. there were children there too and as we worked out what was going to go on the wall one of the children who had been looking through the sketchbook went up to one of the directors and asked if we could put this up on the wall. What did he show them? A sketch of Batman, Alfred and Nightwing. The directors initially thought that the idea was too violent in nature and I ended up telling them the story of why I felt I had the ‘obsession’ with Batman that I did, which began as a child with hope. With the children’s help I was able to convince the directors that we could do something along the lines of ‘We All Can Be Heroes’ and intermixed comic book heroes with images of the children themselves and I made sure that Batman was prominent in the image.I presented this in hopes of winning but never heard anything. Congrats Doc!

  3. namtab39 August 21, 2012 at 2:32 am ·

    Sorry, somehow parts of the above got deleted. You had to prove the involvement in a volunteer program and my wife was the volunteer program director at the Target she worked for at the time. The weird thing was that I kept checking the website for like a year to see who won and the site never changed or announced a winner and then the page just disappeared from the net. I figured that there may have been a problem with copyright infringement and the figures just were not produced at all. It is nice to see that they made it out into the wild!

  4. puckace September 12, 2012 at 4:05 am ·

    Sweet stuff Doc! Thanks for the closer look. I wish I had room to do something like that. Maybe when the kids are grown up. Like the civilians on your Batman shelf and thought the use of scale to show each major DC character was pretty cool.

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