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Continuing on with the fun I received the Secret Sewer Lair Playset from Playmates for review, and this one is huuuuuge! It took about an hour to build up, and of course a kid could probably do that in half the time. Once finished the set is over 40 inches tall, and has over 20 features to keep your kids busy for hours.

The assembly is simple with parts interconnecting to support the four levels and backgrounds. Read and keep the instructions, as you’ll probably want to refer to them later. I would recommend placing the stickers on as you assemble so as to not run into tight spaces to get adult hands into and out of.

Level 1 Street

We have a bit of sidewalk with a blue dumpster on it, the background wall is of Antonios Pizzeria which has been shuttered, but there is a moving yellow door with a working elevator behind it. You can manually move the elevator up and down by hand. On the street there is a telephone pole with a transformer that hides a missile firing gun within it, and a platform to place a character on. Against the other side of the wall is a street lamp. There is a landing outside the second floor of the pizzeria with a working ladder that can flip down. there is a red barrel of toxic waster that can rock when pushed by hand. In the foreground is the blue dumpster which is moored to the ground and contains the periscope and there is also additional room to place a figure.Next to it lies a manhole cover and a button. When the button is pushed, the manhole slips down with a ladder and connects to the main center circular staircase/perisconpe tube.

Level 2

Open archways in the sewer done up in green plastic, behind the elevator mentioned above, there is a swingdown ladder that can carry a character and flip down to kick another character off the third level. There are a couple of high platforms to place figures upon and a round section of wall that flips around and reveals a workstation. There is also a broken pipe with green toxic waste on it as a nice piece of scenery. There are large brown pipes used as structure and scenery. There are numerous places on which to hang characters from the pipes and also places to hang the tire swing and fly-wire.

Level 3

This has a couple of sliding doors with Splinter’s dojo graphics embedded in the sliding doors. This is where you’ll most likely hang your tire swing.

Level 4
There’s a ;arge broken sewer pipe that flips up and reveals Donatello’s laboratory for making weapons for the Turtles. It has a computer station that is decorated with colorful stickers. You can place the Shredder armor practice dummy here on the floor. The botton of the periscope is here and you can place a character onto the hand grips and rotate the scope. There is a secret egress at thge bottom of the set that has a flip up grate. And of course there is the fly line (zip line) that has a clamp that you can attach to furniture and a hook that can hook to any of the many pipes in the sewer. Cowabunga!

There is much to see and play with here, kudos to the designers who packed this playset to the gills with features that will keep little hands and minds occupied and busy using their imaginations. Battles can be fought, plans made, practice sessions in Splinter’s dojo, hiding in dumpsters, This toy is really big in size and in value. Works best with the basic line of action figures, because of their size and gripping ability.
Got to give this a big thumbs up.

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