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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles need a vehicle and the Shellraiser is it. You can load a bunch of characters in and on it and have tons of play fun attacking Shredder and his Foot Clan soldiers.
The Shellshocker comes unassembled, but and adult can put it together in aoubt 20 minutes, while a child of eight years could probably do it closer to 10. Everything snaps together,but be sure you follow the instruction closely assembling the gray side pieces over the tires before popping the tires on. Other than that it comes together nicely and it seems pretty durable.

Predominately, cast in brown plastic it also has trim colors of gray and green. Just the kind of colors you’d find in the sewer. There are over 30 stickers to detail your ride as well, so take the time and do them nicely.


On top there is a hatch toward the back where a Turtle can stand and hold onto the missile launcher on a turret that can spin in any direction. It has a warhead that fires a pleasing velocity as well. In the front is a door that ramps down and it has a foot prong for a figure to stand. The side door has the coolest feature of all. With the door open the spiining pip hangs off to the side of the Shellraiser, Attach a turtle to the bar, and spin him clockwise 5 times and then push him into the body of the Shellraiser and close the door.
If you place another figure outside the vehicle either in front of or behind the ramp when you press a air intake on the roof, the Turtle figure will pop out and spin, knocking over the bad guy

The vehicle is large enough to store figures when you’re not playing with them, which is cool. The Shellraiser is made durable so it won’t break under most play conditions and has features that little ones can enjoy activating.

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