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Well the 2012 SDCC has come and gone leaving me with a case of the Con crud. I guess it’s what you get when you hang out in a building filled to capacity for 2 1/2 days. Anyway the DKE booth was quite the place to be if you were a resin or vinyl fan. Ferg (of Jamungo fame) had  a cross over that was the Young Gohst. A very cool figure with a removable skull cap. Inside is a removable brain! There are apparently 4 variant brains out there. I have 3 of the white and 3 of the red to show you. If you subscribed to the Gohst I can only imagine what trying to be a completist will be like. In the mean time if you missed out on this figure or if you only managed to get your hands on one of them, here is a pictorial of two others. Enjoy.


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