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And it’s that time of year-time for new info to be announced, new images to be released and time to make sure Toygodd has enough bail money-It’s time for COMIC CON!

(Sorry I’ve being away so long. Technology failed me (my laptop) along with a project that I HOPE is going to come together for my career. News forthcoming…)

With Comic Con International in San Diego about to begin in a few hourse, the first few pieces of info have been released.

Sideshow Collectibles/Hot Toys
Much to the happiness of our AFTimes Editor Umpire (I can hear him singing praises of joy from here!), Sideshow and Hot Toys have announced a 1/6 Batmobile from the classic 60′s tv series “Batman”!

And I don’t think you can do the Batmobile without having some Caped Crusaders to drive it!
But perhaps that’s an announcement for later in the week…

LEGO is all over SDCC this year! They are running panels for their many licences over all four days of the con!

LEGO The Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit- Thursday, July 12
Epic characters and scenes take LEGO form in the newly released LEGO THE LORD OF THE RINGSTM collection, based on the popular THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Additionally, to coincide with the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in December, LEGO Systems will introduce a collection of LEGO THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY(TM) building sets in December 2012.

The imaginations of fans attending the show will journey to Middle-earth when they catch a sneak peek of the first LEGO The Hobbit set in the upcoming collection, and a preview of short videos for LEGO THE LORD OF THE RINGS that are scheduled to air on Cartoon Network. The excitement continues with a hands-on Hobbit-themed scavenger hunt to build Bilbo Baggins in LEGO minifigure form. Attendees may pick up the first piece of Bilbo along with a special Middle-earth map at the LEGO booth, which will lead them on a show floor journey to collect the missing pieces to complete the Bilbo minifigure. The reverse side of the map includes instructions for a LEGO THE LORD OF THE RINGS contest that challenges fans to build any scene from THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy for a chance to win a trip to LEGOLAND¨ California along with a Warner Bros. studio tour. For those not attending the show, instructions can be found at LEGO Systems will also host a raffle to award one lucky winner a custom 5-inch model of Bilbo made completely out of LEGO bricks.

LEGO Super Heroes – Friday, July 13
LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe TM adventures soar to new heights with the public debut of 2013 LEGO Super Heroes minifigures. To spotlight the collection that recreates famous DC Comic Super Heroes and Super-Villains with a collection of sets and buildable characters, LEGO Systems will display a LEGO Super Heroes DC Universe 3-D mosaic featuring iconic images of Wonder Woman(TM), Batman(TM) and Superman(TM). One raffle winner will receive an exclusive 5-inch Batman model in LEGO form.

LEGO Super Heroes: MARVEL sets and buildable action figures bring scenes of great Marvel characters such as the Avengers, Spider- Man and X-Men to life, in addition to new characters unveiled for the first time in their 2013 LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes minifigure form. A life-size model of the Incredible Hulk in LEGO form will dominate the show floor, 2012 construction sets will be displayed and an exclusive 5-inch Spider-Man in LEGO form will be given away to one lucky winner who enters Friday’s raffle.

LEGO Star Wars – Saturday, July 14
May the Force be with San Diego Comic-Con visitors as LEGO Systems unveils the new LEGO Star Wars Rancor Pit construction set, one of 20 new LEGO Star Wars sets launching in 2013 and a sneak preview of the latest LEGO Star Wars episode slated to air on Cartoon Network. To complete this day’s expedition, a one-of-a-kind 5-inch Luke Skywalker in LEGO form will be given away to one lucky winner who enters the raffle.

LEGO NINJAGO – Sunday, July 15
One of the most successful LEGO play themes ever, NINJAGO introduces a new chapter to a storyline that merges classic construction with social and virtual gaming experiences, anchored by 26 episodes of the NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu animated television series airing on Cartoon Network. Devoted ninjas should gather at the LEGO booth at 2 PM PST on Sunday for a special Ninjago announcement that will further the excitement of this original story. An exclusive panel discussing all things LEGO NINJAGO takes place Sunday morning at 10:30 AM in room #8. A one-of-a-kind 5-inch green LEGO Ninja will be awarded to winner of Sunday’s raffle.

Hobbit sets? Rancor Pit?
Looks like a lotta LEGO is coming soon!
(Good luck to you, LegoBoy, on getting all of the exclusive con figures!)

Already several images of their products have stared showing up and here they are…

The next series of figures from the BORDERLANDS videogame.

The latest iteration of Robocop with spring-loaded holster!
This is going on my short list of figures to get this year!

What else is on my short list?
THIS figure-
Kyle Reese-now here’s a figure I thought would never get made!
The paint-job is looking nice, though I’m a litle iffy on the portrait likeness of Michael Biehn. But maybe it’s look better in person.

Here’s a packaging mock-up of Reese.
Note the extra accessory he’ll come with…

I’m still bummed that the ALIENS figures have been pushed to 2013 but that at least give me a chance to save up some more money for them.

Toygodd will have more coverage up shortly and all through the con.
And I’m looking to see if I can squeeze in a trip down there myself for a day.
We’ll see!

Be seeing you!

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