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There was a time when I gave little attention to block figures. They were small, and their deco was kind of primative, not like the 3 3/4″ Star Wars figures that I was obsessed with collecting. But then the Minimates started rolling out, and in greater and greater numbers and licenses. And something clicked. These guys are super fun to collect, pose and display on your desk. Many a time I’ve spent on the phone and instead of doodling on a pad, I’m posing Frankenstein’s monster ready to lunge at his creator, or Thor spinning his hammer.

The newest wave that I got was number 45, the Avengers line-up. Man, and did the not disappoint. First off I love the fact that I can get exclusives at TRU and from my local comic shop. One thing I’ve learned, especially with the popularity of the Avengers and Minimates was you’d have to be quick to get them all. Both sets boasted the basic four characters of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor. With the TRU set you’d get Black Widow and Hawkeye, as well as Nick Fury and Loki. At your comics store you could pick up Maria Hill with a Chitauri footsoldier and a Chitauri General with Chitauri footsoldier.

The figures all come in two pack with a small window so you see the figures you’re buying.

Iron Man / Hulk
Tony Stark is probably my most favorite in this assortment. He comes with a complete shell head, visor up so you can see his bearded face and with hair that you can place on his head when the shell is removed. He also comes with a small blast stand. His paint is extremely well done and the details let you know that this is the Mk VI armor from the movie.
Hulk comes with a second head variation with a extremely angry expression.

Captain America / Thor
Cap’s sheild is nicely painted in bright red, silver and blue, he also comes with blond hair that Steve Rogers can put on when not wearing his Captain America mask.

Thor has a hammer and a clear stand and as in the movie, no helmet.

Maria Hill / Chitauri Footsoldier
Maria comes with a single pistol and is dressed in her S.H.E.I.L.D. outfit and the pistol fits well in her hands well as well as in her holster. The Chitauri footsoldier comes with a long rifle and there is a single round clear stand enclosed in the box.

Chitauri General / Chitauri footsoldier
Both figures come nicely painted in gold and gray, they come with a long rifle and energy weapon as well as a clear round stand.

The TRU exclusives

Hawkeye / Black Widow

Hawkeye comes with a bow and three bolts that fit into his quiver. You can even pose him with or without an arrow in his bow. He also has a second head with sunglasses… Too cool. Black Widow comes with two pistols and her cool red hair. There is also a clear base enclosed.

Loki / Nick Fury

Loki is dressed in his green robes and cape with golden highlights. His horned gold helmet is very cool as well. He also comes complete with his “glow stick of destiny” as Tony Stark refered to his sceptre in the movie. Nick Fury looks all bad and ticked off and comes complete with his pistol and his rocket propelled grenade launcher.


Well, if I wasn’t hooked before, I am totally under Minimates’ spell for sure. I love the fact that you can assemble a line of figures and not break your budget, and you get totally cool figures that have tons of poseability and you can fit them on your nightstand, desk, workstation whatever and still have room to spare.
I still would have liked to seen a reissue of Agent Phil Coulson, but getting the whole team as well as the baddies, well it makes this grown up boy happy. Once you get bitten by the collecting bug I dare you to keep from collecting entire waves… Their like potato chips, you can’t collect just one…

Lines from Marvel, the Expendables and the Walking Dead will be arriving later this year, just make sure you get yours before someone else does, ’cause it might just be me…

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