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Welcome back to Hanger 3A! his afternoon, THANKS to the ultimate legionaire and friend, CREM, I have the Number 1 gang member from the just being delivered Nefarious Ten Finger Gang from Ashley Woods’ 3A. There are ten of these bots plus a King (not in hand yet). All coming in different colors as well as some coming with different weapons. I only bought the King and 3 colorways of this release as I was short on cash anjust don’t have the room to display these properly.

The box art per usual is stellar. The figure comes with a cool 2 sided poster. The weathering is just beautiful. This gang member comes with 2 revolvers. THE only draw back I found is that his fingers are too big to fit the trigger guard of the gun. This could prove to be fatal in a gun battle. Maybe he has another way to shoot? Anyway you have to check this guy out.

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