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Welcome back to Hanger 3A. For those of you who have been reading this column, you know by now how big of a fan I am of Ashley Wood and 3A’s products. I became an addict when I first spotted the Nom DePlume figure on ToysREvil 4 years back. From there I was hooked. Since than, Ashley Wood and company have produced some of the coolest toys I have seen in my almost 20 years (damn that is a long time) writing here at AFTimes. The robots were what really got me. Big and small with tons of articulation for poseability (something even the big companies still can’t accomplish) and weapons galore. Ashley takes making and producing his toys seriously enough that when a problem arrises, he chooses to be late with delivery, rather than ship out sub standard product (again something other companies do ALOT!)

Well today’s offerings are why I will continue to be a part of the 3A Legion. The Blind Cowboy set is EPIC! I am not going to make any bones about saying that few other companies could produce this set for the cost and actually deliver what is just a beautiful piece of art. yes that’s what I said…ART. This is not a toy, although some might argue that point. The Blind Cowboy comes with 6 hand guns (I challenge G.I. Joe to a battle with this guy), poncho, hat, paint apps out the door and articulation that allows for great poses. His companion, the horse, is just striking. First this is one heavy piece. He comes with a saddle, bags, 2 additional handguns, and some of the most striking decor I have laid eyes on. I’ll go out on a limb and say this time next year 3A has won BEST Set for 2012. The box art is cool as well. You also get a poster of the box art, suitable for framing and 3A went to great pains to provide super packaging to keep the figures safe. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean.


As always there will be more 3A goodness coming so come on back. Drop me a line if you have succombed to this companies toys!


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  1. Sliding Lock Man in PA January 30, 2012 at 7:41 pm ·

    TG ain’t kidding here, folks. This set is epic, awesome, brilliant, whatever superlative adjective you care to insert here. I don’t even mind that there is no articulation on Blind Cowboy’s horse — the horse is so well done, and so perfectly posed, that I couldn’t improve on him if I wanted to do so. Pictures don’t do the weathering on the saddlebags and other detail pieces justice. The pistols are little individual works of art. The cowboy hat has a wired brim so you can come up with the look that’s perfect for you. Expensive, yes, and worth every bloody penny. Just my two cents.

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