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Welcome back to the Vinyl Shack. The sands have almost run out for 2011 but I still have cool stuff for you to look at! Just having been dropped off at the house a few hours ago is the New Jamungo NKG Glow in the Dark Squadt! This thing glows like a demon on crack. NKD comes with a tanto style knife, 2 extra set of eyes (clear and white opaque), an extra set of arms as well as hands. No the coolest upgrade to this Squadt is his articulated arm and wrist! His wrist has a cut in ti to allow for movement and his elbow can bend. A very cool improvement to a very cool figure. The NKD comes in jammies and also comes with a wicked cool glow in the dark removble helmet.

Now this Squadt was also sold with a Playge/Jamungo Qpmnt pack consisting of a zippered carry bag (this bag will hold ALL of the accessories with no problem!), a silenced gun, Playge shirt and a hood. All in all I love this Squadt. There was a variant Blue Glow Squadt but I wasn’t lucly enough to score one. That’s ok though. Check out the movie. This sucker glows any more and he would light up the world. Take a look:


The year isn’t over yet so watch for more updates.




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